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Peggy @ 99.1


99.1 Mhz


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CFPG-FM is a commercial FM radio station in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Owned by Corus Entertainment, the station broadcasts an adult contemporary format branded as Peggy @ 99.1. CFPG-FM's studios and offices are at 1440 Jack Blick Avenue in CF Polo Park in Winnipeg, with sister stations CJOB and CJKR-FM.

Winnipeg is the capital of the Canadian province of Manitoba. Its heart is The Forks, a historic site at the intersection of the Red and Assiniboine rivers, with warehouses converted to shops and restaurants, plus ample green space dedicated to festivals, concerts and exhibits. Nearby, the Exchange District is known for its well-preserved, early 20th-century architecture and numerous art galleries.

Manitoba is a Canadian province bordered by Ontario to the east and Saskatchewan to the west. Its landscape of lakes and rivers, mountains, forests and prairies stretches from northern Arctic tundra to Hudson Bay in the east and southern farmland. Much wilderness is protected in more than 80 provincial parks, where hiking, biking, canoeing, camping and fishing are all popular.

Canada is a North American country stretching from the U.S. in the south to the Arctic Circle in the north. Major cities include massive Toronto, west coast film centre Vancouver, French-speaking Montréal and Québec City, and capital city Ottawa. Canada's vast swaths of wilderness include lake-filled Banff National Park in the Rocky Mountains. It's also home to Niagara Falls, a famous group of massive waterfalls. (V)


Peggy @ 99.1 (CJGV)
1440 Jack Blick Ave.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

+1 204 786 2471