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RDT Radio Kara

La Fidèle (RDT Radio Kara)

Kara - RDT Radio Kara

91.5 Mhz


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Radio Kara is a national generalist channel broadcast in Togo and all over the world. Thanks to the expertise of its editorial staff based in Kara and the correspondents of the ATOPs in the chiefs of prefecture, the animators, producers of programs and technicians Radio Kara proposes to its listeners appointments of broadcasts, information , magazines and musical variety offering the keys to understanding the world. Radio Kara brings together thousands of listeners every week throughout the world and its "new media" offer (website, mobile applications ...) records close to thousands of visits every month.

Kara is a city in northern Togo, situated in Kara Region, 413 km north of the capital Lomé. Kara is the capital of the Kara region and, according to the 2010 census, had a population of 94,878. The Kara River flows through the city and is its main resource of water.

Togo, a West African nation on the Gulf of Guinea, is known for its palm-lined beaches and hilltop villages. Koutammakou, inhabited by the Batammariba people, is a traditional settlement of fortresslike clay huts dating to the 17th century. In the capital, Lomé, are the multistory Grand Marché bazaar and the Fetish Market, offering traditional talismans and remedies relating to the vodun (voodoo) religion.


La Fidèle (RDT Radio Kara)
B.P 21

+228 26 60 10 66